Hello everyone I just wanted to talk about how to keep on a budget and get materials for a tiny house build for very cheap or free!! Yes free, I know that's exciting not many things are free these days. I got a lot of the materials that you will see in the video and pictures out of the trash. Just keep your eyes open all the time because other people's trash can be your treasure. If you see a job site with a skip (dumpster), just ask the job supervisor if you can have a quick peak in the dumpster. Another way to get stuff very cheap is by going onto trademe. I have bought many things on trademe for really good prices, for example this stainless steel sink for $10.50. Just keep looking and have some cash on hand!



IMG_1554 IMG_1553 IMG_1534 IMG_1533 IMG_1532 IMG_1530 IMG_1529 IMG_1528


IMG_1578 IMG_1579


I got this cable for my 12v off the grid power system in the trash. On the right is 1000 dollars worth of vinyl I purchased for a case of beer (20 bucks) and some metal grating I will probably use for shelving in the closet.