Hello everyone, Today we shifted our tiny house to its final location. The new location was only about 1 minute up the road in a great big paddock with some sheep. The move went really well and the Terrano towed it surprisingly well. The next step is to build a nice big deck on the front so we have a nice place for our grill and additional living space.

20151025_115539 20151025_115546 20151025_115555 20151025_120035 20151025_120055

As soon as we got the tiny house lined up at the gate all the llamas just had to come over. Nosey pricks.

20151025_120348 20151025_120350 20151025_120636 20151025_120639 20151025_120838 20151025_120842 20151025_120848

The llamas were very excited to finally see the Tiny House move! They all came over for a visit.

20151025_120855 20151025_121158 20151025_121202 20151025_121207 20151025_121211 20151025_121227 20151025_121233 20151025_121245

Pat just took off as soon as the coast was clear.

20151025_121915 20151025_122047 20151025_122318 20151025_122334

Into the paddock it goes.

20151025_122607 20151025_130246 20151025_130251 20151025_130526

It looks so tiny! We feel so much better now that we safely moved it with no issue. Now we can actually start putting things on shelves and organizing our lives. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more tiny house action. And also we should address the common question, "So is it done yet?" the answer is no, It will probably always be a work in progress. But for the time being our goal is to get it livable. We need a toilet, water, electrical and gas. Everything is tested, all we need to hook everything up!

Also shout out to all my wellesley girls/badonderz/CFYM and our family and friends, thank you for your interest and excitement, I (cori) had a great time at home and miss everyone already.

LOVE LOVE LOVE to everyone!

-Cori and Pat

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