Hello! This morning, bright and early we began to install our deck. As you may know  we already attached a porch roof to the tiny house and used three posts to support it. We attached the deck to the posts and used wooden legs for the rest of the support. The deck was made of recycled materials sourced from a jobsite. It was pretty much already pre-built so it was put together very quickly. It still needs a coat paint but otherwise I think it looks great. We have doubled our living space, after only a couple hours of hard work. We will use the porch to store our shoes, barbecue, and other items that we wish to keep dry. 20151128_08563520151128_08563920151128_08562820151128_09243220151128_09350420151128_09351720151128_11380220151128_113805IMG_20151128_09360220151128_11381020151128_11381820151128_12181020151128_12181720151129_12334720151129_123443IMG_20151128_105504

A nice coat of deck paint will bring these former walls back to life with a new purpose. Thanks for reading.

Pat and Cori

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