Hello everyone, We moved into our tiny house on Christmas Eve after a full year of building every weekend. It has become so cozy with all the little additions and our nice garden. I also got around to finishing the window and door flashings that have been neglected for months.


Living without an oven hasn't been a hardship at all! We have pretty much used the grill every day! So far we have made your typical BBQ staples (hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob), pizza and scones!


Crazy to think that all the stuff in a single bedroom flat with living room, kitchen and bathroom fit with ease in our tiny house. Below are some moving day pictures.


Most people put their drying rack on the counter, but this way our wet dishes will drain into the sink and saves counter space too!


This is our adopted cat we found at the university. She was scared of humans, starving, pregnant and had an infected tail when we first saw her living in a pile of leaves. She is now a happy and well-fed farm cat!



It was getting quite windy out in the paddock so we grabbed some cheap plastic roofing from Musgroves for 15 bucks a metre and blocked the wind!


This helped with the grilling and made the porch much calmer.


During the holidays we got our garden set up with a lot of help from my mom who was visiting. We have cabbage, tomatoes, basil, parsley, potatoes, lemons, sage, rosemary, mint, and more!


We bought a lot of soil. But one day we will be able to use our own compost!


Our house is all about zones, and this proves that while someone is in bed the other can still putter around the kitchen and do dishes! Thanks Pat, I'll do the dishes from dinner promise ;)


And there you have it folks. This time last year we were whining about paying too much in rent and made it our new year resolution to do something about it. One year later and we are home owners, living off the grid, in the country with a loud cat, garden and peace of mind. Thanks for taking this journey with us.