I used to smile to myself as I read states about the number one most common things couples flight about. For example the Top 6 Marriage - Killing Money Issues, "haha!" I would think, none of those things effect us. Until a bigger problem started appearing in our relationship, BOREDOM. 

You gotta keep it spicy! 

You gotta keep it spicy! 

At the time I was working two jobs part-time and pursuing my masters full time. Patrick on the other hand was working a 7-3pm shift and paying most of the bills. When we finally had a moment to spend together- we wasted it watching TV, movies or being on our devices. 

This may be normal for some couples, but our relationship has always flourished when we work as a team toward something incredible. When we first meet we quickly learned that we loved projects, trying new things, traveling or building. While we were planning to move to New Zealand, we had a singular focus on the goal of saving enough and making a home here. Once we arrived, we traveled and went about the huge project of setting up a home in a new country. But once we figured everything out and the day to day started getting mundane, we started picking fights. 

Rock bottom was when Patrick wanted to return to the USA while I was still in the midst of my studies. But luckily we had both been marinating a plan in the back of our minds. And when the opportunity arose to act on it- we had nothing to lose at that point. 

So it was all or nothing, and I am so glad to say we left nothing behind and gained everything by trusting in our teamwork and ability to manifest our wildest dreams.