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Mounting the Solar Panels


Mounting the Solar Panels


Hi Everyone, This weekend at the Tiny House we mounted our solar panels to the roof. I had help from a good friend from work and it went really smoothly. We installed two 265 watt solar panels and two 12 volt 325 amp hour batteries to create a 24 volt system. Our goal from the beginning of our build was to be free of electric bills. We are now generating our own electricity and it is amazing to see the whole thing finally come together.

20151031_122654 20151029_175349

20151031_122756 20151031_123053 20151031_122821 20151031_122746 20151031_122723 20151031_122701

20151031_123154 20151031_123209 20151031_123627

Thanks for reading! Next up- water, deck and a toilet.

-Pat and Cori


Paint, Bathroom Progress and Electrical


Paint, Bathroom Progress and Electrical

Hi Readers! Last weekend was one of the first weekends we worked on the tiny house that was cut short by bad weather. But Pat still managed to paint the beige walls (you probably can't tell from the pictures but the walls were scratched and dented). So this weekend we made a huge push to make up for our lost day!

This Saturday we lined our bathroom with plastic we got for free from a friend. We didn't have enough to cover the ceiling as well so once again we used up some scraps! At least our whole house (inside and outside) matches! We also had time to install our sink that had been lying dejected in our shower for ages!




This is the floor I did a while back, finally you can see it ! Previously we had used cardboard to protect the flooring but this weekend we brought the vacuum cleaner along with us. PTDC0017


We spent the rest of the day cleaning, laying down blue plastic and checking on our bathroom walls.

Sunday was a later start. We got began by hooking up our plug outlets and our lights. Check out the difference it makes!








We finished up the day by finally putting a door on our storage cabinet (we also shortened it!)


onthe ground

PTDC0040  lockers and cut cabinet

It def needs some tweaks but it is on its way! We had a great weekend with lovely weather and our house looks and smells brand new!

Thanks for reading, next weekend hopefully we will have a couch installed and some more trim!

Please enjoy our first attempts at using the panaromic feature on Pat's phone ;)

20150822_152610 20150822_152719

Signing off!

Pat and Cori