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It Moves!


It Moves!

Hello everyone, Today at the tiny house we did a bunch of little things including trim, kitchen lighting, vinyl in the cabinets, and some decorating. We also lowered the trailer off the four blocks its been resting on for over 7 months. We hooked the trailer up to our truck to test the lights and towing capabilities. After filling all four tires on the trailer with air we shifted the tiny house with no worries. Success! Watch the drama unfold!

Below is the first long distance photo that we have been able to take without a fence in the way!


Nice view!

20150905_165301 20150905_165257

Pat getting ready to try it out!


20150905_163136 20150905_163130 20150905_163116

Finally got the kitchen lighting up.

20150905_161757 20150905_161747

I found these in a store in Wellington, three for $12! It took us a while to decide where to put them.


If you look closely you will see the vinyl that we glued to the shelves of the kitchen cabinets. It makes it look so much better!

20150905_161726 20150905_154821

This thing is really coming together huh?


FINALLY some trim!

20150905_150252 20150905_144731 20150905_135528

I am embarrassed to say that this took me a good 30 min to do!

20150905_131709 20150905_113955 20150905_113947

So it doesn't going flying open while we transport our house!

We also have a few videos if you are interested!

Inside a Moving Tiny House!


Towing the Tiny House